A Sun Hill officer is recruited by the Football Intelligence Unit to pose as a thug to trap an ex-policeman who is now the leader of a violent gang of football hooligans:

DC Mickey Webb (Chris Simmons) is called in to see Superintendent Tom Chandler (Steven Hartley) where he is introduced to Chief Inspector Grant Morys (Ron Emslie) from the FIU. They tell him about an outfit called ‘The Britannia’ led by Julian Napper, an ex copper. To his horror, Chandler tells Webb he wants him to go undercover.

Webb is given his new identity a builder and joined by PC Dave Quinnan (Andrew Paul), DC Paul Riley (Gary Grant) as his workmates and DS Debbie McAllister (Natalie Roles) who will play Webb’s girlfriend. They all wonder why they have been chosen.

After several days of intense briefing Webb, Riley and Quinnan are now undercover in a pub playing pool. Gary Hughes (David MacCreedy) walks in; he is the link to Napper. To Riley’s dismay, Webb challenges Hughes to a match and proceeds to beat him twice. Surprisingly Hughes congratulates him.

Later, at a dog track, Webb and McAllister are spotted by a now friendly Hughes. During the race, McAllister sees a crowd incident which is revealed as a stabbing and as Hughes passes by he hands Webb a bloody knife, telling him to get rid of it.

Britanniamania part 1 is written by Len Collin, directed by Brian Parker and produced by Carol Wilks.

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