Beth Green   Service Record   List of Appearances    
2007-2009 Metropolitan Police Sun Hill P.C. 258
2009 Metropolitan Police Witness Protection P.C.
2007 - First Posting: Sun Hill as a probationerEdit

(more info soon...) (TB: "Baby Trade")

2007 - P.C. Green: All tied up at St Hugh'sEdit

P.C. Green gets knocked out and tied up in the cleaners room next to the lift on the ground floor at St Hugh's hospital by Larry Franks who escaped from the x-ray room. (TB: "Trail of Blood")

2008 - Undercover: At a party to trap a drug dealerEdit

Beth goes undercover at a party to trap a drug dealer. (more info soon...) (TB: "Beth Undercover")

2009 - Transferred: Witness ProtectionEdit

(more info soon...) (TB: "Leap of Faith - Part 1", "Leap of Faith - Part 2")

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