Andrew McAllister was a minor character in The Bill between 2002 and 2004. He is the son of DS Debbie McAllister and deceased Superintendent Tom Chandler.

Andrew was conceived between McAllister and Chandler in a toilet at the wake for the victims of the 2002 Sun Hill Fire. Debbie originally planned on an abortion, but couldn't go through with it. When Chandler was due to be arrested for rape, he held the pregnant Debbie hostage in his office at gunpoint. When Chandler killed himself to end the siege, Debbie was rushed to hospital, in labour, two months premature. Andrew was only four pounds at birth, and after some convincing by DCI Jack Meadows, Debbie took him home 2 months later.

Andrew appeared once in early 2004 when he was dumped by his babysitter at the station. He appeared later in the year at hospital. After falling off of a swing, Andrew was taken by his child minder to St. Hugh's, hospital where the doctors said he would be fine. However. the next day he was taken back to St. Hugh's, where it was discovered sustained a brain hemorrhage and the doctors had to relieve the strain on his brain. Debbie had to pull out of a major operation to be with him, and when it was revealed he'd survive, Debbie resigned, realizing she could only have work or Andrew.

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