Year: 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998

Episode Episode Title C.P. Note(s)

1989 [Incomplete]

1989x001 Getting It Right 6 First Regular Appearance
1989x039 Mickey Would Have Wanted It 3
1989x059 Don't Like Mondays 15

1990 [Incomplete]

1990x006 A Day Lost 5
1990x007 A Clean Division 3
1990x010 Michael Runs The Family Now 3
1990x023 University Challenge 4
1990x042 Rites 19
1990x101 Out of the Blue 4
1990x103 Safe As Houses 8

1991 [Incomplete]

1991x068 Six of One  
1991x079 Friday and Counting 4

1992 [Incomplete]

1992x024 Re-Hab 3
1992x064 Cutting Loose 5

1993 [Incomplete]

1993x019 Gone For A Soldier 13
1993x021 Hard Man 3
1993x025 Out of the Mouths 2
1993x027 If It Isn't Hurting 6
1993x036 The Short Straw 7
1993x038 Goods Received 9
1993x057 Punch Drunk 6
1993x131 You Don't Always Get What You Want 2
1993x134 Until Proven Guilty 3
1993x135 The Hard Sell 4

1994 [Incomplete]

1994x057 All Things Nice 4
1994x079 Masquerade  

1995 [Incomplete]

1996 [Incomplete]

1997 [Incomplete]

1997x151 Twanky  

1998 [Incomplete]

1998x082 Cooking Last Regular Appearance

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