The Alan Kennedy rape case was one of the most disasterous cases at Sun Hill. It went through Season 20 and partially in Season 21. It involved a serial rapist Alan Kennedy.


It started when a woman Nina Omar, is raped in Episode 200 and it continued in Episode 213 when another woman, Kadeejah Miah was raped but she refused to make a statement. In Episode 216 another woman is nearly raped so CSU's DS Ramani De Costa asks DS Samantha Nixon to look over the case, and she asks DI Neil Manson to hire a profiler, and DCI Jack Meadows brings in Nixon's old friend, Dr. Hugh Wallis. Several other rapes occured but PC Kerry Young showed Miah a photo of PC Gabriel Kent, who she saw at the hospital after she overdosed and she said it was him, so her ID fell through. The suspect was found through his school and he was arrested by PC Cameron Tait. PC Andrea Dunbar and Wallis found the knife and Manson and Nixon interrogate Kennedy while they look for evidence. Nixon manages to force a confession just before their time ran out.

Major Storylines before the TrialEdit

  • Cameron Tait left Sun Hill after arresting Kennedy, so he could not be a witness in the trial.
  • PC Kerry Young was murdered by PC Gabriel Kent so she was also not available to be a witness.
  • Dr Hugh Wallis became obssessed with DS Samantha Nixon and abducted her daughter, so he was jailed and was not able to be a witness.
  • PC Andrea Dunbar was exposed as an undercover journalist and her evidence and her exposee made her evidence inadmissable

The TrialEdit

In Episode 287 the trial began with Manson and Nixon up but Wallis was absent and this was noted. Dunbar was called but her editor decided to tell Superintendent Adam Okaro she was a journalist. This caused her evidence not to be used so the trial to fall apart, leaving Nixon furious.


Shortly after the fire at the station Kennedy reappeared harrasing Nixon, so when he was attacked Nixon said he was Nothing and Just another case so he apparently kidnapped Nina Omar but she was on holiday so Nixon was lured and held hostage, but backup arrived after she overpowered him and he was arrested again.

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