Alan Kennedy was a major criminal in The Bill. He apppeared first appeared in 2004 between Episode 229 and Episode 231 and in 2005 between Episode 287 and Episode 301. He was portrayed James Clyde.

Before ArrestsEdit

Kennedy was raised by a prostitute mother so when he found his war hero father didn't exsist so he began to hate woman, beginning with him slashing a woman in the face with a bottle at 15. In 1987 whilst on leave in Glasgow he raped a prostitute called Brenda Kellman, which had him fired from a city job when he was found out. Johnathan Fox cleared him in his trial. He continued raping in 2001 before he came to Canley in 2004.


Kennedy was first sighted as a witness to a crime, where he raped a woman and he ironically had just be named as the suspect as he left the station, walking straight past investigating officers Detective Inspector Neil Manson & Detective Sergeant Samantha Nixon. He was located in Episode 230 and arrested was arrrested PC Cameron Tait. In Episode 231 Nixon and Manson interviewed him, and Nixon eventually cracked him into a confession. However just before his trial in early 2005 he retracted due to beatings he suffered on remand.

2005: The TrialEdit

The trial kicked off in Episode 287 with Nixon and Manson on the stand. However profiler Dr. Hugh Wallis was arrested for abducting Nixon's daughter, Abigail after an obsession with her. PC Cameron Tait migrated to Australia, main SOIT officer PC Kerry Young was shot and killed. The only person to witness Kennedy, Kadeeja Miah ended up identifying PC Gabriel Kent when Kerry Young wanted to expose him after he raped her. The final nail in the coffin was when the officer who found the knife, PC Andrea Dunbar, was exposed as an undercover journalist during the trial by her editor. The trial collapsed and a furious Nixon told Dunbar Kennedy is going to walk free, and no one is safe now!.

2005: Re-ArrestEdit

In Episode 291 Kennedy started harrasing Nixon and DCI Jack Meadows cleared surveillance on him. However this was blown when he found a handbag and new SRO Julian Tavell was unaware who Kennedy was and sent the woman round to his house and when she noticed him, the surveillance was compromised, when she started screaming. Kennedy was assaulted by his first victim's friend, and Nixon called him Nothing and Another case so he convinced CID he had kidnapped one of his victim's and lured Nixon to a warehouse, but she overpowered him and he was arrested again.


  • Kennedy was in the Navy with the real Gabriel Kent.
  • An attempted victim of Kennedy's was played by Melanie Gutteridge, who later became PC Emma Keane.

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