Reg intervenes when he sees a trio of youths harassing a bus driver, but the situation takes a dangerous turn when one of the youths pulls out a gun, and they hijack the bus with HReg, the driver and a busload of terrified passengers. The gun is one of Alan Trent's replicas from the Coal Lane estate, and it backfires, hitting the driver. Gary and Honey spot the runaway bus, but their moment of glory is lost when Des and Sheelagh take over the pursuit in the area car. A man is found beaten in the street, with Polly's friend Dr Owen Preston tending to him. When it is revealed that this was the man who killed Preston's wife in a drink-driving accident, to Polly's horror he becomes the prime suspect. When the victim revives, he clears Preston of any wrongdoing, but Polly's decision to help Preston end his life could have far-reaching consequences. Cameron and Honey investigate a green-thumbed resident at an retirement home, whose plants are not exactly of the legal variety. 

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